Super Moon in 4 stages … #eclipse

Super Moon (state 4)
Super Moon (state 4)

Since there’s going to be a total eclipse AND a ‘super moon’ tomorrow, I thought I’d try and finish the print I’ve been working on all week, as it is kind of appropriate. When I started it last week I didn’t know about all the celestial events coming up.

It’s an aquatint and spit bite print from a copper plate and is my largest to date at 48x58cm. I found an old photo I took from the Fourth Bridge a few years ago and thought it would make a nice change to do something completely different. I enjoyed making it so now I might do a whole series of planets, moons etc. Watch this space!

Anyway, for those who always like to ask how long it takes to produce a particular work of art, I can tell you that each of the 4 stages of development took a full day (about 8+ hours). To run off the final print takes roughly an hour on average, as it’s a large one at 48x58cm and there’s a lot of ink to put on then wipe off each time before running the plate through the press.

Don’t forget your special eclipse specs for tomorrow!

Moon State1
Super Moon (state 1)
Moon state 2
Super Moon (state 2)
Moon state 3
Super Moon (state 3)